Chen Haichao

01 CHC Artist Headshot
Born: 1986
Hometown: Shandong
Current City: Beijing
Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

2017 THUNDERBOLT – SURGE Art Summer POP-UP, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2016 Figurative Art Exhibition, SKP, Beijing
2016 Splurge with SURGE Art, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2016 Whiplash!!!, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2016 Object & image dimension, Hongyue Modern Museum,Beijing
2015 Millions of People, Shanghai Art
2015 Peng! OUT OF THE BOX, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2015 The New Cup of Chinese Ink
2015 Poly Auction Online, Art Décor Space
2014 Lin Yi International Art
2014 Asian Youth Artists, Beijing
2014 Tianjin National Youth Art
2013 SURGE Art, Chengdu, Shanghai
2012 China Central Academy of Fine Arts Oil Exhibition


The defining difference between Western and Asian art does not involve the medium and technique, but rather the philosophy and concept. Western art is concerned with man’s action in the world and the transformation he creates. We are instead concerned with man in harmony with nature and the acceptance of the natural world. The different philosophic outlooks determine our choice of materials and techniques.

There is no question that today’s art world is dominated by Western discourse. The Western system is more complete, more logical, more narrative, and with every new step more flawless. However, this system can never explain the Yi Jing or creative concept of Oriental art, for it arises from poetry, Taoism, remote mountains, tranquil waters, courses in the veins of thousands of years of reverence for nature and universal magnanimity. This reverence and magnanimity has become the broth of the soul, an ancient remedy that speaks to us of true freedom, respect and tolerance; not of violence, not of drugs, nor scientific reasoning. In awe of God, in awe of Nature, in awe of Law, and in awe of the Tao we discover universal forbearance and tolerance of difference and inclusivity.

I use the techniques of oil painting to express the Yi Jing, while hoping that in the hustle and bustle of contemporary existence I may find a quiet place for both myself and others. I also seek a path that offers me access to a more harmonious and powerful expression of visual beauty.