Chen Haijun

Born: 1975
Hometown: Linfen City, Shanxi Province
Current City: Beijing
Shanxi Normal University

2017 THUNDERBOLT – SURGE Art Summer POP-UP, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2016  Annual Asian youth artist nomination exhibition, Beijing, China
2016  The power of youth – young artists exhibition, Beijing, China
2016  Yiku network  Special exhibition of contemporary artists, Beijing
2016  Hi21 young art fair, Beijing
2016  New art exhibition in Taipei, Taipei
2015  Xikou Fengqing Yoyu: China Life Oil Painting, Shanxi
2015  Sino-Russian Youth Art, Beijing
2015  Peng! OUT OF THE BOX, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2015  SURGE Art- Art Festival, Shanghai
2013 We·1994-2013-2013 Chinese Songzhuang artists cluster the 20th anniversary of the exhibition, Beijing
2012 The First Contemporary Art Weibo, Beijing
2011 Affordable Art, 798 Space, Beijing


My work is more like an extension of my own mind, I would like to express the color and texture as well as to convey the breath closer to my heart that the kind of effect. In addition to the painting itself, I also pay attention to the Confucian culture, Taoist culture, immortal culture…and some contemporary elements.

I believe that my artwork is the product of my imagination, which strives for a quiet and surreal tone. First and foremost, to make art you need a good attitude towards her work and practice. It is important to relax and center yourself to make exactly what you want. Your mentality determines the outcome of your artwork and the emotions it harbors, so the key is to understand personal preferences and behavior..