Yan Zhisheng

image of yan zhisheng
Born: 1975
Hometown: Hubei Province
Current City: Wuhan
Bachelor of Arts from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in 2002 Master of Arts from Central China Normal University in 2008

2017 THUNDERBOLT – SURGE Art Summer POP-UP, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2016  Visual Riddle—2016’ Collections of Young Artists Nominated Exhibition, Li Art Museum, Changsha, China
2016 Whiplash!!!, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing,China
2016 Transience Metro:Scape, 2016 Shanghai Young Art Fair, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China
2015  Beauty, White House, Wuhan,China
2015  9th Arte Laguna Prize Finalists Collective Exhibitions, Nappe Arsenale, Venice, Italy
2015  National Exhibition of Traditional Chinese and Oil Paintings on “Majesty of Mount Tai”, Tai’an Gallery, Tai’an, China
2015  Without Limitation in Art, Sunshine International Art Museum, Beijing, China
2015  New Art Wave Expo, Hall D Costai Expo Venetian, Macao
2015 Young thinkers / Courage and Freedom, Art Museum of Imperial City, Beijing, China
2014  Imagery in Poetry—Chinese Landscape Oil Paintings Exhibition, Shandong-Taiwan Convention and Exhibition Center, Weifang/Dafen Art Museum, Shenzhen,China
2014  12th Hubei Provincial Exhibition Of Fine Arts, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Museum, Wuhan,China
2014  8th China-ASEAN Youth Artwork Creativity Contest, the Museum of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nanning, China
2014  Nanjing International Art Festival, Nanjing International Expo Centre, Nanjing,China
2014  5th 1912 New Star Art Festival, Today Art Museum, Beijing,China
2014  4th Dig&Discover Exhibition for Oil Up-and-coming Star of China, Chinese Academy of Oil Painting of Museum, Beijing, China


In ancient, people lived in”lyable, livable, travelable “landscape. There are “Lin Quan, bridges, river, people” … … Now we live in constant expansion and noisy city that there are skyscrapers, reinforced concrete, neon, heavy traffic … … This is a real and surreal world, a real existence and imaginary city, and which is full of value and desire but always to be wanted to leave … …

We who live in the city, once thought the great cause of the struggle for life; and we stand on the top of world and on the front of the times, with all the secrets in our hand; and the oath to hand by hand to the end of life together, and love … … But later, we only find beautiful flowers always contrasting perishable youth, we are filled with sorrow and melancholy. This is not great and passionate, but our life.

Now, our youth, dreams, desire of” Poetical Dwelling”, life without roots, wish for love … … In the gust , are there? The reality have hidden it, but gust will find out , and recall the memory.