Pieces of China Shaped Paintings by Michael Downs


The evening of the 13/05/2016 saw the opening of the exhibition Pieces of China by SURGE Art 艺起 artist Michael Downs at Janes + Hooch bar in Sanlitun. The exhibition is organized by SURGE Art 艺起.


The artist Michael Downs


Michael Downs and SURGE Art and Red Gate Gallery owner Brian Wallace

The works on show are Downs’ visions of a constantly developing and morphing Beijing. There are nine works on show and all works are for sale.



Michael Downs, Duck Resturant; Rainy Night, 2014, Acrylic on wood, canvas and digital image.

DSCF0111Michael Downs, Small Chinese Landscape 5, 2016, Acrylic on wood and canvas.


More of Michael Downs’ works





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