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Every March, the Hong Kong Art Month will appeal to thousands of professional institutions, artists, and art lovers. From “Art Basel”, “Art Central” to various performance, lectures and museum activities, the diversified charm of art brought great surprise to people. And two artists of SURGE Art, Qin Yiting and Wang Kuokuo, gathered some new ideas and thoughts while actively participating in art events and enjoying the fun of art.

More Than an Onlooker | Qin Yiting

As a young artist, Qin Yiting kept trying to change her previous art direction and practice after her engraving series Line 8 Fantasy achieved numerous awards. In 2017, she initiated a new art plan 32+ and the Reader. The work which is still inits experiment stage intends to develop individualized interpretations by letters, a traditional information exchange method.

Because I live in Guangzhou, it is convenient for my friends and I to go to Hong Kong every March and hang around the Art Basel and Art Central. Because I am preparing for the “32+ and the Reader” art plan, the most attractive works to me in this Hong Kong Art Month trip are those works stressing “interaction”.

Anida Yoeu Ali, The Red Chador, from the Venue

I first went to Art Central after arrived at Hong Kong.Not long after I entered the venue, I encountered that Anida Yoeu Ali was conducting her performing art work The Red Chador. Anida Yoeu Ali walked towards us, holding cardboards full of political slogans and signs, but I cannot see her slightest expression hidden under her robe. The direct slogans and the mysterious face made a sharp contrast and made us wonder that-what mood she was in when completing this work, and the Muslin women she played hidden under robes would how to confront the meaning of those slogans. It was rather dramatic to wear the bright and loose red robe and walk around the venue, and many audiences were attracted unconsciously. People followed her and held signs for her in turns, and this “following” was also a kind of interaction.However, I thought that her installation work The Buddhist Bug was more interesting. Uncanny bugs represented the blend of Buddhism and Islam and appeared in different scenes in Cambodia,and are more humorous with a sense of magic.

Anida Yoeu Ali, The Buddhist Bug, from Internet

I missed Tobias Gutmaan’s interacting performing art Face-o-mat due to the time limit, and I felt a little regretted. Yuri Suzuki’s Sharevari is also an amusing audio art installation, and many people had fun with it. I deleted the photos by mistake, fortunately my memory for this work was filled with fun in experiencing it. However, in Art Basel, not only the Virtual Reality Art Venue was crowded with people, but also works with people’s own figures in them would stopped them to watch. Those kind of works grabbed audience into themselves in a very direct way and easily stirred people’s passion to blend into the art work.

Michelangelo Pistoletto, Tre uomini, from the Venue

From 1960s, Michelangelo Pistoletto was renowned for “Mirror Paintings”, and audience can fuse together with the work in the mirror. There are lots of works that were created with mirrors as the main material in Art Basel every year.




I forget the information of the work, and it gathered lots of people.

The act of the “self” on the screen will delay for several seconds than shooting, which is different from cameras. Likewise, some art works directly shot audience on the scene and use various ways to differ from real-time photography under different program controls. And audience are willing to participate in  it every year.






Michael Parekowhai, Putto, from the Venue.

The long bench behind the sculpture offered a rest and an opportunity to have a picture taken with the work for audience. Sitting on the bench, rather than standing before the work will offer a stronger vividness of the scene that the fat angel fell onto the earth.


Why do I become more interested in “interaction” than before? It relates to “32+ and the Reader”. In this art plan, participants mainly complete works by letters. “letter” is the most common interaction between people, but I would base on my understanding and feeling, and develop some individualized interpretation of “handwriting”, “trains of thought” and other vestige on letters, which is slightly different from real life. The final interpretation will present in the form of visual art and serve as a “reply” to participants. The work is still in its experimenting stage and I am not sure whether I will add multimedia displays in it. Appreciating those stimulating interacting works also stirred some improvements for the plan. These improvements are some positive methods to extend distance from different artistic-temperament after comparing with others. When I appreciate wits and individualities of other excellent artists, I also try hard to polish and improve my own artistic language. That is probably the purpose of every art practitioner who creates art works with his or her whole heart to watch exhibitions, I thought.

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