Open Yourself in Collision | Jiang Long

In March 2017, two artists from SURGE Art, Jiang Long and Liu Tao received “SURGE Art Residence Award for Emerging Artists”. They were invited to Red Gate Residency at Feijiacun, Beijing and began the residence creation for a month with international artists from Iran, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Austria, and New Zealand.

Open Yourself in Collision | Jiang Long

Jiang Long is a young artist. He insists on using wood as the material for creation, and intends to recur his interpretation for dream and reality by carving. His works express everyone’s dream from the sight of a child traditionally. Special characteristics of the wood bring breath of life into works and make it introverted but powerful.


Photos of Red Gate Residency artists at the 3rd session, 2017


J= Jiang Long

S: How did you know about and participate in the Red Gate Residency?

J: I was invited by SURGE Art and the Red Gate Gallery this time, and I felt very honored and was gratified for them.

Jiang Long was communicating with other artists in residency

S:  What did you do in residency?

J: I communicated with other artists, thought deeply about my own works, and tried to create again.

S: What did you learn in residency? And what influence do they have on your creation?

J: By communicating with other artists, I knew about their creative ideas and their methods to present them. And I have more inspiration to try different things other than my previous art form (carving).That is what I learned mainly from residency.

SURGE Art Resident Artist Award winner – Liu Tao (Left), Jiang Long (Right)

S: How do you understand and view the Artist-in-Residence Programs?

J: The artists-in-residence program is a great way to offer more communication and inspiration collision opportunities, broaden artists’ horizons and provide them with more creative ideas.

S: Could you introduce to us the other artists in the same residency with you?

J: Elena is an artist focusing on videos from Italy, and Anita and Sepideh from Iran are working on paintings and sculptures. We also have Mexican sculptor Miguel, Canadian performing artist Miles, Dejan from Austria, Erica from New Zealand and photographer Liu Tao from China. In this residency, it seemed to cover all creating fields, which provided many collisions in communicating.

Resident Mexican Artist Muguel’s Installation

S: Could you talk about your understanding of works of other artists in residency?

J: I am mostly impressed by Miguel, the Mexican artist, he was the most efficient artist of us (LOL). I like his sculptures, which offered strength to people, like a kind of explosive power when time stops in the space. I’ve also seen some of his previous work and I like expressive forms by different materials. And two artists from Iran also impressed me, they worked very slowly and as their neighbor, I could often see their creating conditions. In the process of creating, several changes varying in degrees would happen, which were thoughts in process, and more like a condition to enjoy creating. When we are working, we were often conducting mechanic movements. After thinking clearly in the earlier stage, we are following suits and sinking into monotonous state.

Canadian artist Miles was conducting performing art in his work “0.2365 squares”.

In addition, the Canadian artist Miles’ dance provided me with inspirations. I thought that his dance expressed distorted and depressed part of human beings, but after his performance, I felt it was more like a release. So I invited him to this residency and conduct his performing art limitlessly in a limited space in my installation work, and I felt good in the end.

Jiang Long and Canadian artist Miles’s cooperated work in residency “0.2365 squares”

Jiang Long and Canadian artist Miles’s cooperated work in residency “0.2365 squares”


Recording of “0.2365”

S: If you summarize this residency into tree key words, what are they? Why?

J: “Collision”, “attempt” and “excitement”. Because communication between them (Artists in this residency) was more like a cultural collision and provided me with different inspiration. And then I tried new things and felt excited after that:)

Red Gate Residency

Red Gate Residency is an international artists residency program providing artists, curators, writers, and academics with the opportunity to live and create work in China. Our objective is to provide facilities for artists to easily start their projects and offer a community in which they can participate as much as they like.

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