Opening up the art market

May 2, 2013

And to cater to this growing and awakening consumer group, SURGE Art is also expanding throughout the country. Last October, they held the festival in Shanghai for the first time. And late this year, the first SURGE Art will be held in Hong Kong.

ISSUE JUNE  2013.JUN.10 P14  event report&pictures

Surge Art 让高端艺术品走进每个人的客厅

June 1, 2013

“Surge Art 艺起” 致力与身为中国专业的发掘高质量评价当代艺术品的先锋平台,与2013年4月30日-5月2日在北京的时尚中心去三里屯太古里南区橙色大厅,举办了2013 “SURGE Art 一起” 北京艺术节。


“SURGE Art艺起北京”艺术展当代MOMA开幕

April 4, 2014

2014年4月29日第九届“SURGE Art艺起北京”当代艺术展在艺术地标当代MOMA空中走廊开幕,展览将持续到5月11日。

第九届“SURGE Art艺起北京”展览地点位于地处东二环核心腹地的艺术地标当代MOMA空中连廊,展览作品有油画、版画、水墨、雕塑、装置等近千件,来自包括居住在北京的国外艺术家及台湾艺术家在内的200多位极富潜力的年轻艺术家。本次展览是“SURGE Art艺起”中国巡展系列的第一站,此后还将在上海,成都,台北等地陆续展出。


Is affordable art the next big consumer trend in China?

April 24, 2014

The short queue at the ticket counter for the Claude Monet exhibition is deceptive: Inside, the rooms are crowded with people studying paintings by the French Impressionist master. Stern-faced guards keep close watch on the proceedings, which are subdued and quiet except for the frequent bleep of an alarm when visitors lean too close to the priceless portraits and landscapes.”


Blouin Artinfo

July 29, 2014

“The SURGE art fairs, which now takes place in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, began a the Affordable Art Fair Beijing back in 2006. ARTINFO spoke to Tom Pattinson about the Beijing event, which begins on the same day as Art Beijing, Tue. 30 April”

The Beijinger 2013.Mar report

The Beijinger

March 1, 2013

See SURGE Art Director, Tom Pattinson as he’s featured in the Beijinger’s Guide to Jue Festival Issue.

“Through our art fairs, we’ve been giving young artists the opportunity to be seen by art lovers, by professionals, by critics, by curators, and also the opportunity to sell work and make money. So essentially what we’ve been doing lis to awaken a lot of the untapped talent. We’re the first rung on the ladder of promoting them onto a professional career in the arts.”