Thunderbolt 2017 SURGE Art Summer POP-UP

Emerging artists from SURGE Art return to the ancient fox tower Dongbianmen in Beijing again!

From June 17th to 25th 2017, THUNDERBOLT 2017 SURGE Art presents 38 artists and 93 artworks at Red Gate Gallery.

Thunderbolt strikes at the heart of contemporary Chinese art by presenting a group of younger and emerging artists chronicling their lives and their interaction with the fast-paced life around them. From the peacefulness of the country-side to the hubbub of urban existence these artists are involved in a continuous negotiation which challenges them in their century – whether it is about the individual, community, civil society, or even basics like getting from A to B, how to pay the next rent – it’s all a negotiation, and they were not expecting it!

THUNDERBOLT 2017 E-catalog

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