Zha Songgang: a young artist, the “director” of the molds series

This special ‘performance’ is a dialogue of space and humble object.


Zha Songgang’s works will be exhibited from the 7th of April until the 30th of June 2016 at The Opposite House in Sanlitun.The exhibition will display Zha Songgang’s  sculptures made out of “dressed up” objects.


Using ceramic molds involved in the production of rubber gloves, Zha Songgang gives to what are normally considered abandoned objects a new life. After having been “dressed up” the objects abandon their old fate in order to embrace their new identities.


While creating the works, the artist pays partical attention to the visual effects deriving from the application of vivid color on the ceramic molds. When thinking about this creative process, the artist  compares himself to a director and the artworks he creates to his actors.


While supplying the objects with a new identity, Zha Songgang affirms that——“I thought I was rescuing these hands and helping them with their appeal. But in actual fact, in dressing them up, I have obliterated their core identity, and pushed them on the stage to enact this silent theatre of body language.”

Check SURGE Art  for images from Zha Songgang’s series of “dressed up” sculptures.




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